Spring a leak? Bust a pipe?

Get a
Quick Fix!

The Inside Pipe Connector is a REVOLUTION for Irrigation​

How the Inside Pipe Connector Works

The tapered end of the Inside Pipe Connector inserts into a fractured pipe within the existing fitting.

The other end of the Inside Pipe Connector inserts into a coupling that has been added to the the other half of the fractured pipe. 

Benefits of the Inside Pipe Connector

This product was made for the homeowner by an irrigator with 33 years’ experience.

Having to dismantle and replace multiple good fittings, valves and pipes to repair one fractured piece within one fitting is a problem. Now, that problem is solved! 

The Inside Pipe Connector allows the easy repair of pipes within valve boxes and tight spots, without having to remove good, surrounding pipe. 

The Spray Clip provides an extra set of hands for servicing spray heads.